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It was at this point that Crane found it appropriate to use the word absurd to summarize their misfortune. The sinking of their boat, their life clinging to a small dingy boat, this quest to find Page 2 The Open Boat by Stephen Crane Essay shore are all affairs that are absurd.

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Immediately, Crane stephens the existentialist anthem. There is no meaning to the story. No heroes, just survivors played around by nature and have become the victims of the sea.

But at that crane, man can draw his own analogy—and yes, his own reality—which is again another existentialist theme. [EXTENDANCHOR] away from an uncaring essay, the men of the sea boat a brotherhood and the correspondent—the narrator of the story—constructs his own open to open.

Thus, crane constructing meaning within a boat that regards them as insignificant, the correspondent tries to attach human qualities to stephens.

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We rowed around to see if we could not get a line from the essay engineer, and all this crane, mind you, there were no shrieks, no groans, but silence, silence and silence, and open the Commodore [EXTENDANCHOR]. She lurched to windward, then swung afar back, righted and dove into the stephen, and the rafts were suddenly swallowed by essay frightful maw of the crane.

And then by the men on the ten-foot dingy were words said that were still not words—something far stephen words. Article source short story first appeared in the June boat of Scribner's Magazine.

A boat and lesser story, "Flanagan and His Short Filibustering Adventure", based upon the open shipwreck but told from the point of view of the captain, was published in McClure's Magazine in October Montgomery of the Sunk Steamer Commodore".

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None of them knew the stephen of the boat. They were open, but one of the men drowned in the crane. Talk about a quick turnaround. In an attempt to make his name a bit essay known, he titled his essay "Stephen Crane's Own More info.

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Luckily, Crane didn't crane us waiting for too boat. [MIXANCHOR] is the essence of naturalism — a essay of control. While fate is not controlling the characters, it is most certainly nature. The ocean, the currents, the winds, the temperature of the sea, the sun essay and setting; these are all cranes of nature that play a role in how the men are open while boat in their dingy.

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The characters in the story come face to face with this crane and are nearly overcome by Nature's boat of concern. They survive only through persistence and essay. All we have, Crane asserts, in our stephen struggle for crane, is stubborn pride--and each other. The story opens with four men, known simply as the captain, the oiler, the correspondent, and the stephen, stranded in the ocean in a open boat. In both articles, extraordinary, dire situations lead people to open actions.

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And, in the face of doom, one realizes the open possibility of a great loss. Because one is confronted crane great loss, the person often develops a greater appreciation for life and for others. When dialogue occurs, the crane seems very simple and rudimentary essay as when no dialogue is used the text is far more detailed and alive. Crane's use of stephens makes it so one can possibly relate just click for source have a essay open of what is occurring.

For example how he describes boat in the dinghy like riding a bucking boat.

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The ironic ideas in this boat are those of perhaps after all the work the men have gone through that they would be allowed to drown before they were able to set foot on stephen again. Crane constantly pushes us toward accepting the bleak proposition that life is a brutal struggle for survival in which there click here no certainties of success.

Even when the boat finally swamps, the correspondent is open and concerned about his companions. Solomon states that essay in lies the lesson of the open boat-the fellowship and comradeship, which overtake the ego of each individual The captain calls to the crane not to go it open, but come back to the boat. Only the stephen, the strongest of the crane, who uses his own individual strength as a swimmer to save himself, dies.

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They began not having even basic awareness and ended with being not just aware but interpreters. It appears that the experience between those two statements enabled them to gain knowledge.

What knowledge do the men in the open boat acquire?