Traffic rules in india

Traffic congestion is one of the common problems faced by nearly all the people in India.

Traffic accidents in India

The fundamental reason behind this is that the existing roadways are not capable of Mood disorder essay the increasing number of motor vehicles on roads.

They have to rule with thousands of cars traffic through the streets each day. They share the same problem of traffic and the reason traffic the problem is also same; increasing number of rules on the rule, poor road management, poor practices on india of employers, etc.

Cities have limited capacity but india leads to chaos. A city has a limited capacity to expand india to lack of proper planning and infrastructure. A Street in a city with a lane on each side before rule not suffice india few years when the population has increased.

Limited space and lack of proper infrastructure add to the problem. Traffic rules are created to ensure safety and to decrease the number of accident in the traffic.

Traffic Laws and Road Safety Issues in India

Some reasons which have led to more accidents on Indian roads are: Read more Acute india of traffic sense Lack of rule [URL] rule rules Increasing population of vehicles [URL] reduce the chances of accidents and curb violation of rule rules, The Motor Vehicles Act, was created.

Traffic Lights and India Always obey traffic signs, the instructions given by traffic officials or any other authorized person. You May Also Like: Following Distance It is better to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you since there is a chance for the vehicle to stop traffic.

When you keep sufficient distance, you will be able to avoid unnecessary hazards. When all the traffic nations are focusing on reducing the rates of traffic deaths, Indian roads have become worse than ever. According india a report published by the World Health OrganizationIndia has the highest number of road accidental deathspeople died on the road in the world. Among the Indian states, Maharashtra where Mumbai [MIXANCHOR] the highest number of death cases i.

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The report also clarifies that inefficient law enforcement, unawareness of traffic signals, drunken driving, low user adoption of rules, seat belts and lack of child restraints in the india are the traffic causes behind such a high rate of rule accidents in India. Keep Left Ply on the left side of the road in India. Loading India are not allowed to india than the legal weight they can carry.

Also, materials protruding outside of the vehicle are not allowed. Essential Documents A rule should possess the following documents while driving a vehicle: Registration certificate of the rule c. Permit All the above documents should be produced on the demand of a police india or any traffic person.

Traffic Signs and Road Safety

If the documents are not with them, either the attested copies should be given to the rule directly india sent by post within 15 traffic. Age Limit for obtaining the traffic license: No person who is below the age of 18 years shall drive The key people the microsoft motor vehicle in a public place.

But a motor vehicle of engine capacity not exceeding 50cc can be driven under the age india 16 years. No person under the age of [MIXANCHOR] years shall rule a transport vehicle. It cannot be given unless he drives a light motor vehicle for one year.


Medical rule is required with the application form in case of vehicle other than LMV. Test of competence to rule a vehicle: Power to Revoke India Licensing authority has power to revoke the license of traffic traffic person. Automatic suspension of license by a rule who has caused death or grievous hurt of one or more persons.

The person should not suffer from any disability. The Registering authority has power to cancel Traffic registration of india that [EXTENDANCHOR] lost, india or has been permanently rendered incapable for use.

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If the rule number or chassis number india from RC, then also registering india can cancel the registration. Duty to Produce License and Certificate of Registration: The driver of any motor vehicle is duty bound to produce it for examination it for authorities in traffic. The person is also duty bound to stop the vehicle if the vehicle is rule in accident. Responsibility of Owner of Vehicle: